• Easy self ordering.

    The 3MB Mobile Point Of Sale solution provides the tools for your customers to place their orders on their own smartphone or tablet.Free downloadDemo movie
  • Low entry cost.

    You do not need any servers or expensive hardware, we will provide you with the necessary tools to get started in no-time.Learn More
  • Integration possibilities.

    3MB Mobile Point Of Sale can integrate in your existing Point Of Sale system to handle orders automatically.Learn More
  • Social Interaction and discounts.

    Advanced integration with Social Media and customer feedback. Easy configuration of special discounts and suggested products.Learn More
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Support for Mobile

The responsive layout allows the site to adapt to mobiles.  These smaller devices have a unique mobile menu to aid navigation.

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Customer satisfaction.

Our solution allows you to streamline your business. Customers don't have to wait for a waiter for bringing a menu or taking their order. 

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Loads of Features

Our application can easily be extended with extra functionality. Changes will immediately be available for every customer.

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3 Mobile BelgiumMobile Point Of Sale System


Customer Application

Easy to use customer application, with numerous advanced features such as filtering for allergies, wine-pairing and suggestions.


Up-to-date Menu

Always the latest products and prices, without having to print a new menu's each time prices or products change.


Social Media

Let customers share their experiences, and award them with discounts or vouchers.


Customer Feedback

Let your customers rate your servings, customer friendliness so that you can quickly detect improvements.


Administration Console

A simple and easy administration console, with configurable categories, products, prices, discounts and suggestions.



A clean dashboard with live feedback, on the number of orders, the best selling products and many more statistical data.



Integration with other applications like your current Point Of Sale system or an ERP system.



Put specific products in a spotlight by adding promotions that will immediately be visible to your customers.


3 Mobile BelgiumYour best waiter yet.


Want to see it in action?

Scan the QR code below with your smartphone, and experience the application yourself! For a QR reader app go to http://qr.3mb.be

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